You’re in social isolation and opportunities for shopping might be limited. But you have a well-stocked store-cupboard and freezer and it’s still possible to get most food if you look in the right places. Where I live, even when the supermarkets were temporarily running out of fresh fruit and vegetables, the local Turkish-run shops had their usual beautifully displayed arrays.

One of the advantages of this current crisis is that we can all eat better than we usually do. We no longer have the excuse that we don’t have time – we have eons of time. We can’t eat out so we have to eat in. Cooking at home gives the opportunity to boost our immune systems with delicious healthy food. We know what’s in it, so no hidden transfats, or sneaking in far too much salt and sugar. You might want to experiment with dishes or techniques that you would normally avoid.

My recipes are easy to make because that’s the kind of cooking I like myself. I prefer food with distinct flavours to food that is bland, though there’s always something to be said for comfort food.  Amounts are for two people but can easily be doubled up for four.